Life of an esthetician

Some people search their whole lives to find what they were meant to do.

Others seem to know what their vocation will be from the beginning. Regardless of the category you fall in there are signs that can help in self discovery.

There are certain qualities that estheticians have, and this week I’d like to highlight all the wonderful reasons you’re meant to be an esthetician, or may already be one!

1. You love helping others.

Estheticians have a natural knack for engaging with others. Whether it’s brightening someone’s day by giving them a facial using a professional skin care line for estheticians, or lifting a burden from their shoulders by giving a much-needed massage, estheticians are good at helping other people.

2. You’re detail-oriented.

Being very diligent about details is very important for estheticians. It’s the simple yet important things like always sterilizing your equipment, minding your clients experience and knowing their likes and dislikes. If you are conscientious about everything you do, maybe you should be an esthetician!

3. You’re into science.

While everyone else in your bio class freaked out when it came time to cut open a frog, you were the first volunteer. If knowing the nitty gritty of what makes us function piques your interest, you may be a future esthetician! There’s no better way to combine all of the sciences – you’re a chemist when whipping up facials and balancing pH, a biologist when working the muscular and skeletal system with massage techniques, and a psychologist when helping clients find some peace.

4. Beauty and skin care have always intrigued you.

Maybe you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but you may have been born with a makeup brush in your hand. Estheticians are lifelong beauty aficionados, because they understand that the true basis of picture perfect beauty is great skin. Through many years of trying different routines, dealing with oily problem skin and just being that person who always has sunscreen on them, a lot of would-be estheticians come to realize that there may be something to this habit of theirs.

5. You like to be hands-on.

Not ones to be satisfied merely reading about it in a book, estheticians tend to be the hands-on doers that get things done. Whether that means mixing up a DIY concoction in your kitchen and trying out a mask you read online, or researching ingredients in that cleanser you bought, estheticians don’t just take what’s handed to them for granted; they get involved!

6. You’re patient.

Patience is a virtue for a reason; it’s not easy to keep! If you’re the kind of person that sticks to routines though, you’ll be seeing results while all your friends gave up weeks earlier. Sticking to a complete skin care routine is tough, but if you’re able to put for that effort every day, you will be rewarded for it, and you may just have what it takes to be an esthetician!

7. You’re passionate.

Everyone is relaxing on the beach, but you’re the one checking people’s skin for dry patches telling them where they forgot to apply sunscreen, warning your friend who had the margarita to wash the lime juice from her hands, and moving the umbrella every hour so you all stay protected. If you’ve got that level of dedication to skin care already, you should strongly consider being an esthetician. They are extremely committed to what they do, and draw pride and pleasure from knowing they are changing lives for the better, one product recommendation at a time.

8. You have a great work ethic.

If making an extra buck on the weekend is more your speed than a lazy Sunday, you might enjoy being an esthetician. Like many other beauty services, estheticians are on when most of us are off. Weekends are workdays for skin professionals, and usually very busy for them because it is when most of us are free to book a spa appointment to get pampered. If the idea of having Monday be your new day off (no lines, anywhere!) sounds enticing, then you better head to esthy class!

9. You’re not squeamish.

We’ve all seen those YouTube channels where people’s pimples are being popped, and let’s just say, it takes a special kind of person to sit through them. If your eyes light up while all your friends are running for the bathroom, you may have what it takes to be an esthetician.

10. You’re a boss.

If you’d prefer to be in charge than being a charge, you should look into being an esthetician! Because of this trait, a lot of estheticians dream of, or work hard enough, to own their own spa. This means a lot of hard work, but it also means having your own slice of heaven to come to every day, where you can really help people escape the hustle and bustle and “Zen out”.

Estheticians are truly one of a kind, so if all of this affirms your vocation, then by all means go for it! Every day will offer a new opportunity to bring soft skin and smiles to all.