Dear heavenly Father,

I approach Your throne with praise and thanksgiving. Thank You for all You have done for me and all that You continue to do. You have done so much for me in time past,still I cannot thank You enough.

Father,Your word says that I can approach Your throne of grace with boldness. You have declared in Your word,that he who asks shall receive,that he who seeks shall find,that the door will be opened to the one that knocks.

Father,I am praying according to Your word and Your will. Let Your will be done in me as it is in heaven. I am praying this prayer in faith,knowing that You hear me and will answer me. I come to You praying on behalf of my future spouse,wherever he is right now,I cover him under your blood. Lord Jesus,I cancel every attack of the enemy over his life. If he doesn’t know You, Father,I pray that he will encounter You. Remove the taste of sin from his mouth and give him the taste of You. Let him see that You are a good God.

Father,remove the veil from his eyes. Lead him to repentance by Your love. I pray he builds a strong and steady relationship with You. Cause him not to question or doubt. Let him be planted as a tree by the streams of water,let his root be grounded,let his leaves not wither. Reveal to him his calling and purpose,prepare him for what is to come and prepare him for our marriage. My God,please remove every distraction or hindrance, remove every snare of the enemy, break every generational curse, eradicate any and every form of witchcraft over his life. Cancel any soul tie,stronghold or demonic oppression manipulating his life. Lord,deliver him from bondage in every area of life, spiritually,physically,financially, mentally,psychologically and emotionally.

Lord,I declare that he is free from demonic possession, I declare that he is free from debt. Lord I declare that he is free in his mind. Let him be healed from every emotional wounds. Break any addiction,free him from bitterness,unforgiveness, low self esteem,shame,fear,guilt and regret. Lord make him free in You. Help him to resist temptation,let him go through the door of escape,let him reach for the light and cling to the truth. Surround him with godly community and good influences,give him godly role models,leaders and mentors. Bring him out of every toxic or unhealthy relationship,shield him from manipulative people. Cause him to hear and know Your voice.

Dear Lord,pls grant him Your wisdom and a heart that understands. Speak to him as You have spoken to me. Cause us to be of one accord. Give us the same heart,give us the mind of Christ.

Lord Jesus,please prepare me for my future spouse; help me to be a better lover and friend. Help me to grow in the fruits of the spirit. Teach me to love,teach me patience, kindness,goodness,joy,gentleness and self control,teach me peace. Give us the strength to wait until You bring us together. Give us peace to know Your will when we finally meet. Lord we lay down confusion for peace,we lay down fear for faith,we lay down anxiety for praise.

Dear God,have Your way, in Jesus wonderful name, Amen.