The Appointed time…..It is a time or place decided on beforehand. It is prearranged,a fixed time that is absolutely out of our control. When we recognize God’s timing,we realize that no matter what we go through,we can be in peace. God is never early or late, He is always on time, His timing has already been decided. These fruits although are different but they are from the same tree, same branch but different ripening time. This is to show the way we are. We might be from the same parents, be identical or do same things,doesn’t make us the same. We might be born in the same place doesn’t mean we should be the same doesn’t mean we would have the same identity,purpose and fulfilment in life.

No two humans are the same, not even the “identical twin” they have their differences either by personality or otherwise. In life, everyone has their life and destiny. That’s why you see in some families, one person could be rich and the other poor. One could be the bread winner carrying others burden while the other supports,another grumbles. Some family’s success takes time and happens individually. Some succeed together even immediately, but the truth in all of these is that, everyone has their individual race to run and it should not be a competition. God has His hand on you,for something special,that He has called,equipped, fashioned and assigned you to do. At the said time, the appointed time, nothing can stop you from being ripe.

We have in a way experienced times when we bought fruits and wanted them to get ripe so quickly that we cover or keep them somewhere. Somehow, we forget, or when we assume they are ripe, we bring them out, they are already rotten. Its because we didn’t wait for nature,we didn’t allow the proper time to set in. Some even go as far as using chemical to force ripping. “THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING AND A SEASON FOR EVERYTHING UNDER HEAVEN”.

DON’T GET SO CAUGHT UP in looking for the next best thing, that you miss what The Lord is doing in the present. You are right where He wants you and whatever you are waiting for will happen at the appointed time. Ecclesiastes 3:1. I hope this speaks to you. I will be waiting to hear from you,how you feel about it.